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Keyboard / Piano Improvisation
 One Note at a Time!
Learn to Improvise From Scratch!

This superb book explains how you could improvise like a pro even with the most basic technical ability. There is a definite ‘trick’ to improvising - knowing which notes to hit and which to avoid - which is explained in detail.

This listing is for the recently revised and updated paperback (coil bound) version and comes direct from the author / seller (an old pro) who you are welcome to contact if you need further information - who else offers this? Note that there is also a eBook version available at a lower price - see my other items.

Note delivery for this item is approximately 7 working days.

Contents include:

  • Choosing the right keyboard for your needs;
  • Initial finger exercises that don’t even require a keyboard;
  • How to read music from scratch (timing and pitch etc.);
  • Every major / minor scale and arpeggio in every key;
  • Pentatonic & Blues Scales;
  • Scale Modes in the most common used keys;
  • Chord construction in a way that can be understood;
  • Diatonic Chords;
  • Chord charts for every chord in keyboard view (including 13ths, diminished etc);
  • The best proven finger exercises available;
  • How to make boring scales & arpeggios interesting and fun to practice;
  • Improvisation Note by note with mp3 examples;
  • Free music notation and recording software;
  • Plus More!


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