The Joly Farmer etc.

These first few pieces I’ve listed as one as they are only short and  are for absolute beginners.

The Jolly Farmer

This is and the next two pieces is one of the first pieces featured in my book: ‘Learn How to Play Electronic Keyboard or Piano in a Week’.

This happy little piece requires no finger crossovers and being in C major has no sharps or flats.

Note that the double bar lines with the dots at the beginning and the end mean that this area should be repeated, you will see these symbols in most of the pieces.

The Jolly Milkmaid

Perhaps just a little bit more difficult than the Jolly Farmer, but still in C major with no sharps or flats and no finger crossovers.

Note that the left hand of this piece uses the TREBLE clef.

The Not So Jolly Farmers Wife  - sound file  coming soon

This piece depicts what happened when the Not So Jolly Farmers Wife found the Jolly Farmer in the Jolly Haystack with the Jolly Milkmaid.

The theme to this piece is exactly the same as the Jolly Farmer except that it is in C minor rather than C major which creates a noticeably more melancholy sound. Being in C minor it also has a few flats, but is still very, very simple with no finger crossovers. The left had uses simple sustained ‘angry’ block triads rather than broken triads as in the previous two pieces.

Although the chord lines are shown for all the pieces (enabling auto accompaniment), the first three pieces are probably easier to play without auto accompaniment.