Panda Waltz

Ok, it’s in 6:8 time so it’s not strictly a waltz, but when was the last time that you saw a pair of Pandas dancing in the moonlight?

For this piece you’ve got to think Pandas!

The piece is split into several segments which are all repeated (one for each Panda). During the first segment (bars 1 - 6) each of the two Pandas are waking up. Then they notice each other; then tentatively approach each other and begin an interaction.

Eventually they lock arms and begin waltzing (in a Pandary sort of way), then after the scale run up to the higher octave they can be seen in top hat and tails and ballroom gown dancing on a moonlit terrace overlooking the ocean  as they continue.

The end section is a repeat of the introduction where they lovingly embrace.

After this, one thing leads to another and they end up having numerous highly prized Panda sprogs and then spend the next 20 years kicking shit out of one another before finally doing one another in! - Such is life!

Click the link below to hear this piece.