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A Very Gonky Bedtime Story

This is the story of Filo and Pastry the No 1 almost identical Gonk twins who have the devastating problem of retrieving one of their balls from a high tree.

During their quest they engage the help of several other Gonks.

And  of course there's a very happy ending!


Apparently this is not suitable to read to children - well not without a few bits left out!

Actually, I’ve given this some serious thought and concluded that it IS suitable for children but possibly not suitable for some adults!

This is a lovely little story - which even has a hidden meaning!

But mainly it's just a bit of fun, and for goodness sake with all the garbage that's around the world needs FUN!

If this is well received there will be a complete series of Gonk stories to follow!

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Sorry this is being revamped and will be back again soon.

A Gonk Story

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